Briefing Paper

The Kenyan Elections Within a Reconciliation Framework

“The next general election, slated for 4 March 2013, will mark yet another turning point in the history of Kenya. The current Policy Brief provides an analysis of the electoral process in Kenya, identifying it as an important and contributing factor to reconciliation in the country. Kenya has put in place the necessary constitutional, institutional, legal and policy framework
to ensure a free, fair and peaceful election on 4 March 2013 and to allow for stability and reconciliation into the future. The level of institutional preparedness and the ability to coordinate the work of all relevant actors will be crucial in transforming violent and uncertain electoral
contests into peaceful, fair and just outcomes that respect democratic norms. Parliament has passed the necessary laws; the main challenge now is the enforcement and implementation of these laws. Kenyans are concerned that laws, rules and regulations are being flouted with impunity, particularly by politicians. It is the responsibility of all Kenyans to contribute towards a free, fair and peaceful general election. The government and other institutions need to provide the necessary oversight and leadership.”