The Progress of Good Governance in Botswana 2008

“The overall objective of this project is to measure and monitor the progress of African States toward good governance. According to the UNECA, good governance encompasses a range of actions aimed at creating more open, participatory societies, and promoting greater accountability and transparency in public affairs. Botswana is one of the states that are undertaking this project for the second time, having participated in the initial studies that culminated in the production of the African Governance Report 2015. Chapter 3 details the nature of political governance, through discussion of the regime type; democracy, political representation and social inclusiveness; public voices; and legitimacy and integrity of political leadership and the electoral process. Chapter four discuss economic and public financial management. Chapter five concentrates on government support for private sector development and issues of corporate governance. Chapter 6 outlines the actual interactions in the operations and performance of the executive, legislature, judiciary and non-state actors. Chapter 7 examines the roles and performances in the traditional structures of governance. Chapter 8 places emphasis on human rights and the law and chapter 9 is concerned with an examination of the state of capacity building for strengthening good governance. Chapter 10 concludes.”