Research/academic paper

The Real Project Failure Factors and the Effect of Culture on Project Management in Ghana

“This study identifies the general reasons why projects fail in Ghana and the effect of culture on project management in a multi-cultural society like Ghana. The study is based on the assumption that cultural differences play a leading role in the effective implementation and execution of projects. As a result, the onus lies on managers of such multi-cultural projects to manage effectively and efficiently bearing in mind cultural challenges in order to realize fully the purpose for which such projects are undertaken. The study adopted the exploratory survey design. Using the purposive and convenience sampling methods, data was collected from 200 project managers and individuals from various cultural backgrounds and corporate organizations managing various projects. However, out of the 200 projects surveyed, 156 were deemed valid responses for analysis. This decision was based on criteria set which required that if more than 80% of the questions in a questionnaire is left unanswered, the response will be deemed invalid. The findings of the study showed a link between project failure and culture.”