Briefing Paper

The Strategic Future of the ACP Group in the Aftermath of the Brexit Vote

In spite of the awareness about the campaign to leave the European Union (EU) by the United Kingdom (UK), the global markets showed their vulnerability in the wake of the referendum results on the Brexit of which 51.9% of British voters elected to leave the EU. The economic shocks that were experienced in the EU and the UK have also had repercussions across the world. This happened especially in member states of the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) Group. Furthermore, the potential of less European investments in and trade with the ACP looms large as difficult negotiations and restructuring lies ahead for both the EU and the UK. The main intention of this policy brief is to discuss what these developments in Europe mean for the objectives set out by the ACP secretariat. Four key objectives of the ACP secretariat is highlighted and it is assessing to what extent these will be affected by the UK’s imminent exit from the EU. It will thus be important to understand the strategic outlook of the ACP in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, especially given the reality that much of the groupings trade into the EU is actually destined for the UK.