Unpacking the Linkage Between Debt, Extractives Sector, Inequality and Illicit Financial Flows: A Case Study from Zimbabwe

Public debt, extractives sector, inequality and illicit financial flows have become very topical when discussing issues of human and economic development in resource rich countries such as Zimbabwe. The linkage and the relations of these four themes have often been linked with economic growth and performance of countries. The study therefore sought to interrogate the link between public debt, extractive sector, inequality and illicit financial flows in Zimbabwe and also assess the challenges for Zimbabwean policy makers arising from lack of domestic resources from the four themes. Amongst its findings, the research noted that benefits from the extractive sector are not trickling down to the poor and vulnerable groups in the society, the ballooning public debt and the legal framework governing mining in Zimbabwe which has loophole have fueled illicit financial flows and the widening gap of inequality.