Zimbabwe’s Reforms An Exercise in Credibility – or Pretence?

The reform ball have been firmly in ZANU-PF’s court for some time. The government has publicly committed itself to a reform process that is intended to help reconnect to international channels of credit and investment and an underlying confidence in the country’s potential to bounce back remains. These endeavours are supported by the international community, but convictions are being tested as headway is stymied by a combination of internal and external exigencies that have exposed the limitations of a political leadership desperate to maintain its hegemony, but clearly running out of options. This paper demonstrates an array of issues requiring attention. Government is still to move from the realms of rhetoric to tangible action; there are also a number of important exclusions that need attention. Options for reinforcing engagement and promoting inclusivity must promote a space for Zimbabwean civil society, who in turn must find their voice as a primary role player on the road to recovery.