BIDPA Newsletter December 2007

“The publication of the newsletter is one of BIDPA’s many efforts to disseminate research finding to its stakeholders and create
awareness of critical socio-economic development issues at both the macro and micro levels. In this issue the following topics are discussed: In Business & Trade The Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) Project’s key objective was to create a Data Base of
Small, Medium and Large Enterprises and develop an industrial/sector map of Botswana.
The Governance And Democracy section covers political, corporate, and socio-economic governance the essential elements for sustainability of Botswana’s democracy.
BIDPA has had projects that addressed these critical pillars so as to present Botswana’s position in the transparency and accountability map In “As Donors Leave The Country” a study was undertaken to assess the cited exit strategy. The provision of agricultural insurance schemes require appropriate studies to be undertaken to assess the viability from an underwriting point of view: the environment and conditions of production, such as nature of crops or livestock being produced, statistical meteorological details, input cost cover (seed/fertilizer), estimated yields, etc are the subject of a field study.”