Franco South African Dialogue Sustainable Security in Africa

“In this paper, two main aspects of efforts to prevent and resolve conflicts were highlighted. Security in Africa is increasingly organised by and tends to be the responsibility of players at the
regional and subregional level. The OAU and subregional organisations have considerable
potential at their disposal that is presently hampered by structural constraints.
If these organisations become seriously concerned with the reorganisation of their central organs, if reinforcing the links between them and redefining their security and defence policies become the priority of their members, then the implementation of a policy of centralised security as it concerns external partners, implies that such partners must provide the technical, logistic and financial support that is indispensable for success. This is the aim of every bilateral and multilateral action, and of programmes such as RECAMP, the African Crisis Response Initiative (ACRI), and others. Co-operation between South Africa and France can only be part of a relationship based on trust and mutual knowledge. The youthfulness and dynamics of South Africa, the means and experience of France, and the accelerated construction of Europe, must be seen as assets from which the Southern African region can benefit in preventing and resolving conflicts in Africa.”