Local Government Councils’ Performance and Public Service Delivery in Uganda: Soroti District Council Score-Card Report 2009/2010

“The report examines how the actions of Soroti District Local Government Council impact on the quality of service delivery in the district. By focusing on the political side of the local government system, the Local Government Councils Score Card seeks to complement existing local government performance assessments and in particular the Annual Assessment of Minimum Conditions and Performance Measures for Local Governments. At an individual level, the annual score-card assessment provides a civic education platform for district councillors and political leaders to improve their performance especially in areas where their performance has been found wanting. In the long run, the resulting impact will be the constituents’ ability to demand for accountability on service delivery issues that concern them whenever they are in contact with their elected leaders. For the FY 2009/10, the assessment focused on the district chairperson, the district speaker,
the twenty eight councillors and the district council as an independent corporate body. The themes of assessment were premised on political leaders’ roles and responsibilities as outlined in the Local Government Act. Although the scope of the study is FY 2009/10, effort was made to cross check for evidence from the previous financial years for comparison purposes.”