Peace and Security Council Report No.112

This report consists of several articles. The first article ‘The AU saves the CAR deal in extremis, but it needs to do more’ discusses the African Unions reaction to the February peace deal in the Central African Republic. The increased number of constitutional amendments that allow incumbents to extend their terms and centralise political power is the theme of the article titled ‘Tampering with national constitutions is a threat to stability in Africa’. The next article ‘Is the peace deal in South Sudan holding?’ looks at the new peace agreement signed by South Sudanese actors in September 2018 to ‘revitalise’ the 2015 deal, which had collapsed. ‘Africa’s divisions over Western Sahara could impact the PSC’ is the third article. AU member states are more divided than ever over the longstanding Western Sahara conflict. This was evident during the two coinciding conferences on the issue held by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and Morocco in March 2019. ‘Why the PSC should discuss Cameroon’ discusses the threats from Boko Haram and the escalating crisis in its so-called anglophone north-west and south-west regions. Both issues are weighing heavily on peace and stability in Cameroon and have serious regional implications. Professor Atta-El-Battahani unpacks the situation of the coupon 11 April 2019 in Sudan in ‘PSC Interview: Sudan’s uncertain transition’ .