Research/academic paper

Political Parties, Political Change and Environmental Governance in Uganda: A Review of Political Parties Manifestos

“This paper argues that political parties are going to be the main power blockers in the new political dispensation under a multiparty political system including making important decisions over the management and utilization of the environment and natural resources. The influence of these parties will be felt both in the House and at constituency levels. As such, the effectiveness of Parliament and individual Members of Parliament to represent environment concerns is likely to depend on the policies and programs of political parties. In order to ensure that environmental issues are not eclipsed by other issues, it is important that they become part and parcel of political agendas of political parties. This way, the citizens would be able to monitor political parties and Government policies and practices hold them accountable based on their commitments to good stewardship of the environment as may be articulated in their respective political manifestos. Beyond the review of political party manifestos in respect to environmental governance agendas, the study focused on the critical importance of the environment and natural resources to Uganda‚Äôs economy as well as the role of political parties in a democracy.”