SAIIA Newsletter vol. 7, no. 3, 1975

This newsletter contains five articles by various authors. Denis Worrall’s article discusses South Africa and détente, starting with the post-World War II period and discussing the outward policy of the sixties, the first dialogue movement, the coup in Lisbon, the first public moves in détente, and the issues of détente.
Henry A. Kissinger’s article concerns global challenge and international co-operation, since the peace and prosperity of the US is bound up with that of the world. The article looks at the structure of peace, the record of the United Nations, the United States and the United Nations, and the problem of interdependence.
A. Hammond-Tooke’s article describers interdependence in commerce and trade in Southern Africa. The article attempts a structural analysis of Southern Africa’s trade and economic relationships as they exist and have developed over the recent past, compares this with the development needs of countries in the region, and develops guidelines for South African trade relationships within the Southern African bloc.
The next article concerns United States legislation to repeal the “Byrd Amendment”
that permits Rhodesian chrome imports in violation of UN sanctions. It has not accomplished its objective of lessening dependence on Soviet chrome supplies, but instead provided the Rhodesian regime with foreign exchange.
The next article discusses a tour of West Africa by the Canadian Minister of External Affairs, and reports on views expressed on Southern Africa in the various countries visited.