The Political Economy of Long-Lived Decisions in Africa: Framework Report

The first part of the report is structured around three primary research questions: Which long-lived economic decisions are most relevant to influence in order to respond to climate change adaptation imperatives? Which institutions and processes exert the greatest influence on long-lived economic decisions? What is the most appropriate strategy for influencing these institutions and processes? The paper then focuses on understanding which economic decisions are relevant for FCFA to examine. It provides some simple conceptual devices that the RCs and other stakeholders may find useful when thinking about decision-making processes and scales. It explores how the evolving nature of investment on the continent could alter who makes decisions in the future, and how the decisions are made, and identifies the climate adaptation-relevant domains of decision-making used to select the case studies. The paper highlights the commonly encountered dimensions of decision-making that can help the RCs to develop their own strategies for informing long-lived economic decision-making, and makes provisional recommendations for how FCFA’s work can be positioned to support decision-making.